Here is a list a of the last 10 Masters tournament winners with their wives.

2013- Adam Scott

Adam Scott Girlfriend Marie Kojzar

2012- Bubba Watson

Budda Watson wife Angie

2011- Charl Swartzel

Charl Schwartzel wife Rosalind

2010- Phil Mickelson

Phil Mickelson wife Amy Mickelson

2009- Angel Cabrera

Angel Cabrera girlfriend Coki Ramirez

2008- Trevor Immelman

Trevor Immelman wife Carmenita

2007- Zach Johnson

Zach Johnson wife Kim

2006- Phil Mickelson

Phil and Amy Mickelson

2005- Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods girlfriend Lindsey Vonn

2004- Phil Mickelson

Phil Mickelsons wife Amy

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We’re not talking about playing away from home here, we talking about athlete’s wives who like to gamble on the side. There are some high rollers who are married to some of the world’s top sportsmen and these women are just as good at the games as their men, albeit in a different field.
Let’s face it, ladies like Kelsi Reich, Chantel Jeffries and Sarah Hinton are not only hot, they also need to keep themselves entertained whilst their men attend practice sessions and prep for season, and there’s no better way to do that than enjoying a couple of turns at the roulette wheel or a few hands of poker. These chicks and many other athletes’ wives and girlfriends have access to huge amounts of money and there’s only so much shopping one can do.

It’s not only the women who love gambling, there are also many athletes who’ve made the transition to winning big and A-Rod, Floyd Mayweather Jr. Rafael Nadal and Shane Warne have all been hugely successful on the sports field and in the casino. These guys may have even served as inspiration for some of the ladies who have turned their attention to live and online gambling.

Many of these girls spend their time waiting for their men or travelling and they need to find exciting ways of passing the time. Playing casino games on mobile at sites like is pretty much a guaranteed winner with WAGS as it allows them to play for fun on the move, preventing hours of boredom and allowing them to indulge their own competitive streak. Casino entertainment offers huge returns on high roller bets so these girls are not only having fun in what was predominantly considered a man’s world, they are also making money.
Wayne Gretsky’s wife, the actress and one time Playboy model Janet Jones reportedly bet $500,000 in one week on the Super Bowl. She seemed to be pretty successful and even won a coin toss that netted her $5000. Not really money she needed, so she’s clearly in it for the thrill.

These chicks know that their bank balance is not suddenly going to go into the red and who can blame them for looking for a bit of fun on the side?

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What a year it’s been for Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Nick Foles.  The guy starts the year as a backup and finishes it in Hawaii at the Pro Bowl. However I can’t help but question his most recent decision. Foles recently benched himself from hooking up with anymore single woman by proposing to girlfriend Tori Moore.  Now I’m not saying that Tori isn’t a good looking girl, but when you play like a superstar at the most high profile position in all of sports you should be with a chick like Gisele. Being a star quarterback in the NFL pretty much entitles you to any woman you want; in fact you’ll probably be beating them away by the dozen. Look, I get it; he’s probably in love with her and not a pig like me. All I’m saying is that Foles should enjoy his new found stardom a little bit and see what’s out there. Being a starting quarterback in the NFL he just opened himself up to the possibility hooking up with a super model or an actress.

Nick Foles girlfriend Tori Moore

Nick Foles girlfriend

Nick Foles engaged

For a good decision vote for 10…for a bad decision 1.

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